How To Use Pinterest As an E-Commerce Tool

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Pinterest is becoming a popular social network amongst online retailers and other brick and mortar businesses.  Here is how you can leverage the power of Pinterest that will show you how you can set up your account, drive free traffic to your company website and encourage online sales.


The Power of the Social Consumer

Today the power of a brand is in the hands of consumers. With increased number of social tools and social media sites, where consumers go and post their experience of a brand, customer satisfaction is becoming even more important for businesses to take their brand seriously to sustain their reputation in the competitive market place.

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Groupon’s Financial History

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 Groupons Financial History and What Your Organization Can Learn From It.

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48 Significant Social Media Facts, Figures and Statistics

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Ten Truths to Managing the Branded Experience

Ten Truths to Managing the Branded Experience #Infographic

Facebook Timeline

Anatomy of your Facebook Business page and how you can leverage the new timeline for your business to share with your fans.