Social Media Marketing in 2012

This Graphic Shows How Complicated Social Media Marketing Is Today With Multiple Social Bookmarking, Photo Sharing, Video Sharing, Social Commerce, Social Ads and Social Networking Platforms.


21 Reasons Pinterest will Challenge Youtube

21 Reasons Pinterest will Challenge Youtube as the world’s second largest social network.

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Top 10 Internet IPO’s Of The Last Decade

With #Facebook set for a historical IPO on 18th May 2012, all eyes and eyeballs will be focussed on what will be the outcome of the much awaited IPO. Currently #Facebook is valued at $100 billion USD, where as Google is valued at $23 billion USD on NASDAQ.

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Welcome Message

Welcome to Virally Social business blog.  From thousands of business blogs , we want to be innovative and stand apart from the beginning.

Our aim is to provide your business with short and strategic social media blog posts, you can implement in your business to get desired results and outcome.  This has emerged from our  recognition, that that between your  inbox, FacebookLinkedin and Twitter messages and updates, you are totally overwhelmed, and your preference is to read social media posts that are content rich and specific to your business goals and objectives.

The social web evolves daily before our very eyes.  Social Media is the biggest economic and social evolution of human history.  We are living in an era of  mass communication that is both participatory and highly interactive.   Social Media is a huge global platform where users are enabled to share and exchange information about their business.

Our mission is to keep the content up to date and specific,  always aiming to share valuable content with you, so we maintain loyal readership of our social media business blog.  Our blog posts will be typically consolidated snippets between 250-500 characters, something between Twitter style of micro-blogging and conventional blogs.  We encourage you to make it a habit to visit our blog and get your social media updates for your business and brand.

According to Brian Solis Author of Best Selling Book ENGAGE, “We are forever students of new media. We should never strive to master something that evolves much faster than our ability to grasp its lessons.”

The Power of the Social Consumer

Today the power of a brand is in the hands of consumers. With increased number of social tools and social media sites, where consumers go and post their experience of a brand, customer satisfaction is becoming even more important for businesses to take their brand seriously to sustain their reputation in the competitive market place.

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Groupon’s Financial History

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 Groupons Financial History and What Your Organization Can Learn From It.

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